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The 1980's


After decades of research the Medical Community as a whole begins to appreciate the effects of cholesterol and the importance of maintaining proper levels within the human body.


An awareness campaign soon follows to alert the public to the health concerns associated with unsafe cholesterol levels and poor health.


The most recent records available show that in the year 2010 the total amount spent on medications for cholesterol in the U.S. totaled,




Unfortunately, Some Of These

Medications Also Delivered Many

Unforeseen And Harmful Side Effects.

Over ten years of research by the most respected and trusted medical associations, universities and  laboratories has revealed the existence of Advanced Glycation End-Products (A.G.E.s) and their  ravenous effects within the human body.


Although many times more damaging than poor cholesterol levels, knowledge of A.G.Es is virtually unknown by those outside these scientific circles.


Even everyday physicians on the front lines of health care administered to the public are only now becoming aware of this danger.


There's only one product, available anywhere "PROVEN" to reduce harmful A.G.E.s levels as much as 24% in just four weeks.


This Product Is All Natural And Delivers Absolutely No Side Effects Whatsoever!

Accurate Projections On The True Dollar Amount Soon To Be Spent Annually To Reduce Human A.G.E. Levels Now Is Not Possible.



That Being Said... When One Considers The History Of Events That Took Place With The Cholesterol Industry, It Should Be Substantial!


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